Citizenship by Investment Program

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) also known as “second passport by investment” is the process by which a foreigner obtains citizenship in another country through financial means. Qualifying candidates can achieve a second citizenship and therefore dual nationality by financially investing in a participating country’s second citizenship program.

There are two main avenues to second citizenship—investors can either make a monetary donation or purchase pre-approved real estate through a CBI scheme. As of 2022, economic citizenship in Europe and economic citizenship in the Caribbean is available via various national second passport programs offered by a variety of countries (see below for a list of relevant participants). The cost of economic citizenship varies across programs, as do the terms and conditions relating to the investment (how long the investment must be held in order to retain citizenship, for example), and application processing time (the average time to citizenship is several months). A second passport by investment is only available to qualifying applicants: those who meet the various financial and personal requirements. Applicants must go through due diligence and pass a background check; a rigorous process meant to guarantee a safe and secure outcome for all parties involved.

The benefits of citizenship by investment passports are explored below. Highlights include visa-free travel to Europe and the world, reduced tax responsibilities, minimal residency requirements, and the ability to retain dual citizenship. Through second citizenship by investment, applicants can achieve citizenship for themselves as well as any qualifying family members who they successfully include on their application for dual nationality.

Citizenship by Investment Programs


General Requirements to Qualify for Citizenship by Investment and Second Passport

Qualify for second citizenship either by purchasing real estate or making a financial donation (depending on which option your chosen CBI program offers). However, in order to be eligible for a second passport by investment, you must fulfill its specific financial, security, and personal requirements. The application process for the dual nationality programs mainly consists of suppling numerous financial and personal documents, which serve as evidence that you meet the qualifications for your respective program.

While specific requirements vary, applicants for second citizenship by investment must prove that they can financially afford all costs associated with their program. In addition, they must undergo a complete background check (conducted to screen for security threats and criminality), submit a health examination, and provide other personal information.

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