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About Spain Golden Visa Program

A major European power, Spain now offers economic residency through its Golden Visa Program. If you are interested in achieving residency in Europe’s second most visited country (and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world), contact us now.

The Spain Golden Visa Program offers economic residency through real estate investment. By investing a minimum amount of money in Spanish real estate, qualified foreigners (i.e. those who meet the Spain Golden Visa requirements) are granted temporary residency in Spain (via a two year residency permit).

The Spain Golden Visa for 2022 has no major residency requirements. Once granted, maintaining a Spain Golden Visa involves few requirements (aside from the aforementioned renewal process, which can be accomplished online, remotely, after two years (for an additional five years).

Time to Residency

2 to 3 months

Minimum Investment


Type of Investment

Real Estate Investment

Visa-free Countries

Schengen countries

About Spain

Spain borders Portugal to the west, France to the north, and the Mediterranean to the east. The second largest country in the Schengen area, its 46,000,000+ people speak Spanish (although English is not uncommon). An EU member, its currency is the euro. A dominant power in Europe for centuries, Spain enchants tens of millions of international tourists with its cuisine, history, and warm climate. Madrid, its capital and cultural center, contains the Prado—one of the richest European museums on the continent. Barcelona, its beachfront city on the Mediterranean, is one of the country’s most popular destinations, as much for its historic architecture (which includes major, iconic works by Gaudi) as its nightlife.





Total Area

505990 km2




Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy



Spain Golden Visa Benefits

Why is the Spain Residence Program one of the top programs on the market? Here are the top five reasons.

  • Spain is a major European country with lifestyle major benefits. Spain’s popularity emanates from its warm climate, iconic culture, and vibrant lifestyle. Madrid, Barcelona, the Basque region—these are internationally renowned destinations beloved for their art and style, beaches, and cuisine. Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, and Spain is the cultural heart of the Spanish language. With some of the best universities in Europe, Spain attracts millions of students from outside the country. 
  • Visa free access to Europe. One of the main Spain Golden Visa benefits is that iexpands travel opportunities for those who previously required a visa (due to their nationality) to travel to Europe. Once you become a resident of Spain, you will be granted visa-free access to the Schengen area; 26 European countries including Germany, France, and Italy. 
  • Few residency qualifications. Unlike some economic residency programs, Spain does not require successful Golden Visa recipients to live in Spain in order to maintain their residency. Indeed, Spain Golden Visa holders can live outside of Spain and still maintain their residency—so long as they make sure to renew it after the initial two-year period (as discussed above, the renewal process does not require traveling to Spain, and can be accomplished online). 
  • The Golden Visa Program provides a pathway to Spanish (and therefore EU) citizenship. Although the requirements are more significant than those held by certain other national Golden Visa Programs, Spain does offer a pathway to citizenship for Golden Visa holders. Seven years after obtaining their first residency permit, Spain Golden Visa recipients who have resided in the country for a minimum of six months per year (for each year they held residency) may seek permeant residency in the country. After 10, they may apply for citizenship from Spain. 
  • The Spain Golden Visa accepts applicants with families. As per the Spain Golden Visa requirements, relatives of the applying candidate who may be included on a Spain investor visa application are limited to said candidate’s husband/wife, children (up to age 17), and parents (provided they are found to be financially or otherwise reliant on the applicant). 
  • Quick processing time. Many applicants for Spain’s Golden Visa achieve residency in just two-three months.

Spain Real Estate Investment

  • Take the first step toward temporary Spanish residency (and ultimately Spanish citizenship) by making a minimum investment (€500,000) in Spanish real estate, via the Golden Visa Program.
  • Golden Visa applicants select an investment property in Spain from an authorized list (i.e. those approved for purchase under the Spanish Golden Visa Program.
  • Applicants who meet the various financial, personal, and security terms and conditions for the Spain Golden Visa Program will be approved for residency.
  • Once the total payment is collected, the Golden Visa applicant will officially be granted Spanish residency. This residency is of a temporary nature, and lasts for two years. After two years, Golden Visa holder can renew his or her temporary Spanish residency (in an online process not requiring the Golden Visa holder’s physical presence in Spain)
  • If you obtain a Spain investor visa via the Golden Visa Program, and you continue to meet the Spain Golden Visa requirements throughout your temporary residency permit period (2 years), and for five years after that, you will then be eligible for permeant residency—and ultimately citizenship.
  • Once purchased, a Spanish Golden Visa investment property may be used as the Golden Visa holder’s primary residence, or, alternatively, rented out for income.
  • Please note that while Golden Visa holders do not need to reside in Spain to maintain their temporary residency, those who wish to pursue a more permanent form of Spanish residency, and ultimately citizenship, will need to live in the country for a period, in order to meet the respective status’ eligibility requirements.

Spain Citizenship and Passport Ranking

  • Spain’s passport is ranked number three globally; an extraordinarily high ranking befitting its power.
  • With a passport from Spain, you can enter over 191 countries around the globe—top destinations in Asia, North America, and Africa—not to mention Europe (Spain has visa-free access to the entire Schengen area; 26 countries in all.

Requirements to Qualify for Spain Golden Visa

  • Meet the Spain Golden Visa requirements by being at least 18 years old, obtaining a legitimate form of Spanish health insurance (for yourself and any dependents), passing a criminal background check, demonstrating financial soundness, and possessing a clean immigration history (i.e. no record of being rejected for a visa to the EU—i.e. to any of its 27 Member States).
  • The Spain Golden Visa program accepts certain documents as proof that applicants meet the above qualifications—Second Passport can help you prepare your application materials.

Spain Golden Visa Cost

Real Estate Investment


Family Application Fee


Government Processing Fee


Conveyance Fees

1% of the total property price

Apply for Spain Golden Visa

How to obtain a Spain Golden Visa

  • Apply for your Spain Golden Visa in 2022 by obtaining the services of Second Passport.
  • Browse among the various pre-selected homes and properties in Spain (those available for purchase under the Spain Golden Visa Program, and find a property you would like to invest in.
  • Assemble your required documents and materials—your licensing agent (Second Passport) is essential in this regard, helping you gather the correct financial, persona, and other documents and materials to support your application for Spanish residency.
  • Pending the submission and approval of your application, you will ultimately remit payment for your investment property and for all the other costs associated with your Spain Golden Visa. Once complete payment is received, you will be granted residency in Spain. 

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