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Golden Visa Program

A Golden Visa is a form of economic residency available through the Golden Visa Programs of participating European countries. Through a Golden Visa, a foreigner can achieve residency in a country in exchange for financially investing in its Golden Visa Program. This investment takes the form of real estate: investors achieve residency after making a minimum investment in property located in a Golden Visa country. Golden Visa countries for 2022 are Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, and Cyprus; investors should choose the Golden Visa Program that best meets their unique residency and investment needs. Each country has its own Golden Visa scheme, with specific pricing and financial requirements for eligibility, as well as a distinct application process. To get a Golden Visa through any country, applicants must first retain the services of golden immigration and visa consultants. To apply for a Golden Visa, investors go through a process involving the submission of various personal and financial documents and materials. After the complete Golden Visa application is submitted, it is reviewed by the relevant officials.

If the applicant is judged to have met the program’s specific requirements, they will be asked to submit payment. The cost of a Golden Visa varies by program. In addition to the cost of investment, it also includes various additional fees, such as those for additional dependents. Once complete payment is received, an applicant will receive their Golden Visa. Residency is usually received within 2-9 months, depending on the program. 

There are many financial and travel benefits to residency by investment through a Golden Visa. In addition to being able to live in a European country, Golden Visa holders are granted visa-free access to the Schengen area. A Golden Visa can also lead to citizenship for investors who achieve residency in a participating country through a Golden Visa program. Many of the Golden Visa countries in 2022 offer pathways to Golden Citizenship for Golden Visa holders after a certain number of years (the specific requirements—particularly the amount of time a Golden Visa holder would need to reside in a state in order to qualify for its Golden Citizenship—vary according to country. Some Golden Citizenship programs offer Golden Citizenship in as few as 5 years (others after 10).

Golden Visa Programs


General Requirements to Qualify for Golden Visa

Receive a Golden Visa by purchasing real estate (for a minimum price) in one of the golden passport countries, and holding it for the proscribed period of time. While different golden passport countries have different qualifications for residency by investment, each Golden Visa Program has similar guidelines.

In general, to qualify for a Golden Visa, an investor must meet the following requirements:

  • Financial: Applicants must prove that they can afford the cost of their Golden Visa Program.
  • Security: All golden passport countries require applicants to pass a background check for security purposes and show other proofs of good character.
  • Health: Applicants must acquire health insurance and also provide evidence of good health.
  • Age: Only applicants over the age of 18 may apply for a Golden Visa.

Apply for a Golden Visa by submitting documents that show you meet the program’s specific financial and personal requirements.

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