Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

About Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the latest citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean.

Established in 2016, it’s already one of the most successful Saint Lucia Citizenship Programs. Right after the Saint Lucia citizenship grant, benefits to foreign investors and brand new Saint Lucia citizens are immediate and meet all the expectations. Application to Saint Lucia citizenship is also very simple by the hand of experienced authorized agents like Second Passport —the only ones that can promote the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program and submit applications to the Citizenship by Investment Board on your behalf.

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program offers several investment options from US $100,000. This top Saint Lucia citizenship program can help you obtain Saint Lucia citizenship in 3 to 4 months. No English test and no minimum stay required. Only your will to contribute to Saint Lucia’s national development.

In exchange, you will be rewarded with an inheritable Saint Lucia citizenship, which will grant you permanent residency status and let you apply for a powerful second passport with visa-free access to over 140 destinations.

Time to Citizenship

Minimum of 6 months

Minimum Investment

US $100,000

Type of Investment

Donation, Real Estate or Government Bond

Visa-free Countries

140+ countries and territories

About Saint Lucia

The Commonwealth of Saint Lucia is an English-speaking island with a population of 178,844. Its capital, Castries, is home to more than 20,000 Saint Lucians. Covering a total area of 617 km2, the island of Saint Lucia is surrounded by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, and Martinique in the Caribbean Sea. It’s a mountainous paradise full of tourism attractions like rain forests, boat trips, a drive-in volcano, the vaporous zone of Sulphur Springs, and the iconic twin peaks called The Pitons. Like many other countries in its region, the Commonwealth of Saint Lucia’s official currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar.




Eastern Caribbean Dollar

Total Area

617 km2




Commonwealth Realm and Parliamentary Democracy



Requirements to Qualify for Saint Lucia Citizenship

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must not have a criminal record. To prove this, you must issue a police certificate in your own country (or ask the corresponding authorities to send it over to Saint Lucia if they won’t provide it to you directly. This depends on the country’s particular rules).
  • You must own the funds for the investment before the investment itself, and be able to prove the source of such funds.

Saint Lucia Passport Ranking

  • Saint Lucia passport ranks in 34th place on the Guide Passport Index.
  • It allows visa-free access visa-free access to a broad array of countries and territories worldwide, alongside visa-on-arrival access and electronic travel authorization (eTA) for additional destinations, totaling over 140 countries and territories.

Saint Lucia Citizenship and Passport Benefits

  • Travel across all borders. Saint Lucia passport ranks on the 34th place of the Guide Passport Index due to the number of visa-free access destinations that it allows (over 140 destinations).
  • Residential rights that can be exercised or not. You’re not forced to live in Saint Lucia to qualify or keep your Saint Lucia citizenship. Given that all the paperwork can be prepared remotely, you don’t even have to travel to Saint Lucia to become a citizen.
  • True investment opportunities. Most of the real estate under the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment program is potentially profitable, such as those in the tourism sector (hotels, resorts, spas, etc.). Apart from this, there are business opportunities in cruise ports, pharmaceutical products, restaurants, research institutions, etc., under the Enterprise Investment option in the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program. You can purchase more properties once you become a Saint Lucia citizen.
  • Dual citizenship. Saint Lucia citizenship is not exclusive and you don’t need to renounce your previous citizenship in order to become a Saint Lucia citizen. 
  • Voting rights. As any other Saint Lucia citizen, you will be allowed to vote and take part in the country’s politics. Saint Lucia has a parliamentary system that lets people vote for parties instead of specific candidates, although one member of the winning party eventually assumes the role of Prime Minister. Because Saint Lucia is a Commonwealth realm, all parties recognize King Charles III as head of state.

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Options

Option 1: Saint Lucia Citizenship by Donation to the National Economic Fund (NEF)

You can qualify for Saint Lucia citizenship by donation if you make a minimum contribution of US$240,000 to the National Economic Fund. This is a governmental fund that sponsors different projects.

● The contribution rises to US $10,000 if you want to include your wife or husband in the application.

● If you have one or two children (or other qualifying dependents), the donation must be of US $20,000.

● Any additional dependent will cost US $5,000 (provided that he or she qualifies to be included in your application). This is regardless of the dependent’s age.

Option 2: Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment in Real Estate

Approved real estate options to obtain Saint Lucia citizenship by investment in real estate are mostly branded hotels, resorts, and high-end boutique properties.

​● The minimum investment is US $300,000 plus administrative fees.

​● Government fees for a single investor is US $10,000 but escalates to US $20,000 if he or she applies with a spouse.

​● Government fees for dependents under 18 years old cost US $35,000 if they’re over 18 years old.

​Here, it is necessary to carry out a binding process and a Sale and Purchase Agreement. You’ll also need to obtain an escrow agent and an escrow agreement to deposit the funds in an escrow bank account.

Option 3: Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment in Government Bond

​Another option to qualify for Saint Lucia citizenship is investing in government bonds. These must have a minimum value of US $300,000 and must be held for a period of 5 years under your name. These bonds are non-interest bearing.

​● Applicants have the flexibility to include their spouses and any number of eligible dependents without requiring an additional investment amount for the bond purchase.

​● In addition to the bond value, applicants are also required to pay a non-refundable administration fee of $50,000.

Option 4: Saint Lucia Citizenship by Enterprise Investment

Government-approved enterprise projects include ports, roads, bridges, specialty restaurants, offshore universities, agro-processing plants, research facilities, etc.

​These investments are key for the country’s infrastructure development. They must be worth at least US $3,500,000 for sole applicants to be considered for the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program.

​Applicants can also contribute with US $1,000,000 in projects with a minimum value of US $6,000,000. The rest of the funds should be covered by other applicants in the program.

Apply for Saint Lucia citizenship

How obtain a Obtain Saint Lucia passport

  • Book a consultation with Second Passport. Only authorized agents are able to help you with your application under Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program.
  • Collect the documentation. Second Passport will tell you what you need to start your application and help you complete the forms accurately. Our specialized advisors can also notarize the documents, or translate them if they’re not in English (Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Board will require the original documents plus an authenticated translation).
  • Pay for the due diligence process. Due diligence is an unskippable step as it allows the authorities to make a decision about your application. If the decision is positive, the Board will issue your Certificate of Naturalization.
  • You are now a citizen of Saint Lucia. Second Passport can use your Certificate of Naturalization to prove your Saint Lucia citizenship and start your application for your Saint Lucia passport.

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