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About Cyprus Golden Visa Program

Foreigners looking to quickly achieve a second residency should strongly consider the Cyprus Golden Visa—one of the fastest Residency by Investment (RBI) programs on the market. By purchasing real estate in Cyprus, successful participants in the Cyprus Golden Visa Program can achieve lifetime residency on the island. Foreigners fortunate enough to become residents of Cyprus will experience the many financial, travel, and lifestyle advantages accessible through this Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme.

Foreigners who seek to become residents of Cyprus can do so through the country’s Golden Visa program.

Also known as the Cyprus Investor Visa, this Golden Visa Program offers economic residency (Residency by Investment—RBI) to those who invest in approved real estate on the island.

Foreigners who meet the financial and other Cyprus Golden Visa requirements and are empowered to purchase property on Cyprus via its Golden Visa Program will receive a Permanent Residency Permit (PRP). This will allow allow them to live and work on the island (should they choose to do so—there are no residency requirements to maintaining Cypriot residency) as well as take advantage of the visa-free access their Cypriot residency provides.

Time to Residency

2 - 3 months

Minimum Investment


Type of Investment

Real Estate Investment

Visa-free Countries

Schengen countries

About Cyprus

With its Mediterranean climate, sunny beaches, and interesting Greco/Turkish culture, the isle Cyprus is a safe and pleasant country, which draws millions of tourists annually to Nicosia, its capital, and surrounding destinations. Located in the far eastern part of the Mediterranean, to the south of Turkey, Cyprus is one of the sea’s major islands (one of its largest and the most populated) with over 1.2 million people and a territory comprising 3,572 square mi. Cyprus residents have access to several international airports. A direct flight to Athens is less than two hours away. A member of the European Union, Cyprus takes the Euro. The country’s official languages are Greek and Turkish, although almost 80% of the population speaks English.


Greek and Turkish



Total Area

9251 km2




Presidential Republic



Cyprus Golden Visa Benefits

Why the Cyprus Residence Program? Explore some major benefits below:

  • Residency in a safe and secure country close to mainland Europe
  • Quick approval of eligible applicants (often in just two months).
  • Visa-free access to Europe (the entirety of the Schengen area, which includes France, Germany and Italy—among 23 other destinations).
  • No Cyprus residency requirements to maintain your status.
  • Low taxes and business friendly environment for investors.
  • Dual citizenship.

Cyprus Golden Visa Benefits

  • Applicants for the Cyprus Golden Visa Program must purchase real estate from an approved Cypriot developer. This property must be new (recently built) on Cyprus.
  • Investors can choose to purchase either one property for €300,000 or two properties on Cyprus with a collective minimum total value of €300,000.
  • Once a property is purchased, Cyprus Golden Visa requirements do not demand that investors reside in said property in order to maintain their Cypriot residency status (so long as they set foot on the island a minimum of one time per two years away). Many participants in the Cyprus Golden Visa program ultimately choose to rent out their properties.

Cyprus Citizenship and Passport Ranking

Cyprus’ high passport ranking (it is 16th in the world) reflects the 176 countries its holders can access without a visa.

In addition to the United Kingdom and the 26 other European Schengen states (France, Germany, Italy) a passport from Cyprus grants holders entry to the UAE, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Kenya—as well as scores of other popular destinations across the Middle East, South America, Asia, and Africa.

Requirements to Qualify for Cyprus Golden Visa

To qualify for the Cyprus Golden Visa in 2022, the below Cyprus Golden Visa requirements must be met by the applicant:

  • Financial (applicants should register a minimum foreign income of 30,000 annually).
  • Health (applicants must show proof of having health insurance from a reputable provider).
  • Security (applicants are required to pass a security clearance—this includes not being subject to EU sanctions resulting in frozen assets.
  • Age (applicants should be 18 years or older to apply for the Cyprus Golden Visa).
  • Nationality (applicants cannot pursue Cypriot residency if they are an EU/EA national).

Cyprus Golden Visa Cost

Real Estate Investment


Value-added Tax (VAT)

5% (for first purchased property used for personal use) or 19% (for property not purchased for personal use)

Qualifying Investment

€30,000 (plus €5,000 per dependent)

Application Fees


Apply for Cyprus Golden Visa

How to obtain a Cyprus Golden Visa

For a personalized approach on “How to Apply for the Cyprus Golden Visa in Europe” please, contact Second Passport directly. For a general overview, follow these general steps:

  1. Begin your journey toward your Cyprus Golden Visa by reaching out to Second Passport. Securing Guide as your agent will allow you to proceed with meeting the rest of the Cyprus Golden Visa requirements and completing all the steps necessary to achieving your residency.
  2. Select the number of dependents you wish to include on your application.
  1. Present financial materials indicating that you have assets totaling a minimum of €500,000.
  2. Provide material evidence that you meet the various financial, security, personal, and health requirements for Cypriot residency via the Golden Visa Program.
  3. Once your application for residency is approved, you will be notified of how to proceed to make your real estate investment.
  4. Once all monies are received, you will receive your Cypriot residence (and residency).

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