In a memorandum issued on September 22, 2023, by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBI) in the Commonwealth of Dominica, the mandatory interview fees for all applicants aged 16 and over in the Dominica citizenship by investment program have been announced. Each interview will incur a fee of $1,000 USD.

Only a few months ago, Dominica’s CBI Unit had announced the introduction of mandatory interviews as a prerequisite for applicants aged 16 and older who are pursuing Dominica citizenship.

The Unit outlined that these interviews will be conducted virtually via a secure platform. The CBI applicants will be directly contacted for interview scheduling. Applicants and their accompanying dependents aged 16 and over will be the exclusive attendees during interviews, with authorized interviewers present. Attendance by agents or promoters associated with the Dominica citizenship program will not be allowed.

Additionally, the memorandum specified that applicants can choose to conduct the interviews in their native language or, if preferred, in another language of their choice. Should any applicant be unable to participate in the family interview, an additional interview fee will be required.

It’s important to note that individuals holding Iranian citizenship or residing in Iran are not liable for the additional interview fees mentioned. Instead, they are subject to an enhanced due diligence procedure, which includes higher due diligence charges encompassing both background checks and mandatory interviews.

As previously announced by the unit, Iranian nationals and individuals residing in Iran will be subject to an elevated level of due diligence scrutiny. The corresponding due diligence fees for these applicants are as follows:

  • Principal applicant: USD 25,000
  • Spouse: USD 15,000
  • Each dependent aged 16 or older: USD 15,000
  • Each dependent aged 12 to under 16: USD 10,000

For applicants from other eligible nationalities, the existing due diligence fees remain unaltered, with the main applicant bearing a fee of USD 7,500. Dependents aged 16 or older, including the spouse, will incur a fee of USD 4,000, while dependents below 16 are exempt from due diligence fees.